How to Easily Identify Stress in Your Life So It Doesn't Wreck Your Health

How to Easily Identify Stress in Your Life So It Doesn't Wreck Your Health

The fact that you have symptoms that interfere with your daily life, whether it’s gut discomfort like bloating, gas, constipation, OR fatigue, headaches, foggy brain, weight gain, aches and pains, etc.…

…means you have some level of stress in your life.

Stress equals symptoms. Let me explain…

Stress is part of human nature, and our bodies have a natural stress response that’s designed to keep us safe from danger or threats. You know this response as sympathetic nervous system activation, AKA “fight or flight”.

When this stress response is activated, a mechanism known as the HPA axis triggers a cascade that influences hormone production in the body. This cascade is designed to shut off certain body functions so that our energy can be directed towards facing the stressor in front of us.

Once the danger has passed, the body is designed to turn down the dial on the “fight or flight” response and kick on our “rest and digest” response, controlled by the parasympathetic nervous system.

But in today’s modern era, stress doesn’t just come from predators that force us to run for our lives. And the truth is that most people are living in a constant state of stress, but they don’t even recognize this because it has become their “normal” baseline, despite the negative effects it's having on their bodies.

It’s like constantly stepping on the gas pedal without ever hitting the breaks…eventually the car is going to crash or break down.

So if you’re struggling with adverse symptoms of any kind, it’s crucial that you learn to uncover and manage stress in your life so it doesn’t have destructive effects on your health.


In this episode, you’ll discover…
➡️ How the stress response (via the HPA axis) stumps basic body functions like digestion, intimacy, and sleep…and why this leads to symptoms when we’re constantly in a stress state
➡️ Physiological and emotional responses you can be on the lookout for that indicate stress
➡️ The 3 biggest areas in life that cause stress and how to identify stressful situations you might not be aware of
➡️ 3 things you can to to manage stress once you recognize it

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