Spark Passion in Your Relationship Through Self-Love, Trust, and Honesty

Spark Passion in Your Relationship Through Self-Love, Trust, and Honesty

If you are like most, you didn't exactly learn how to set healthy boundaries or the ability to communicate authentically in your home. This single, profound realization can catapult your relationships to a new level, especially with your partner.

How do I know? I've spent years frustrated with various relationships, trying to "fix" my partner, only to learn patterns in my thoughts, feelings, and actions that were contributing to my angst. Frankly, I used to think relationship problems were all my partner's fault, and only when I began to "own" my part in the matter was I able to cultivate a loving relationship that I had only dreamt of before.

Relationships can make or break you. They're something worth fighting for, but I meet many patients who have built self-protecting barriers without realizing it, which effect how they show up in their relationships.

The truth is that most of us didn't learn healthy communication or boundaries growing up, and it becomes a real problem for us as adults. There are patterns in your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that may be rooted in generational trauma.

So, if you want to create the loving relationship you've always wanted, it's time to get honest with yourself because the only way to upgrade your relationship skills is to be truthful about who you are. Do differently and listen to this power-packed episode all about finding that spark and passion in your relationship!

Here's what you'll discover in this episode:

💗 Why self-awareness and communication play a role in the health of your relationships

💗 How to own your emotional baggage (which every person has) so that it doesn't tarnish your connection with your partner

💗 Using self-love and your partner's love language to ignite a fresh new spark that leads to a deeper connection 

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