When Doctors Have No Answers: My Eye-Opening Kidney Failure Story

When Doctors Have No Answers: My Eye-Opening Kidney Failure Story

Have you ever had something happen that completely changed life as you knew it?

For me, that moment was March 2021 when I got the Covid vaccine. Within 6 months after the vaccine, my kidneys shut down and I experienced complete kidney failure.

Fast forward to unrelenting sickness where I could barely get out of bed, to getting a kidney transplant and then having the transplant removed because my body rejected it…

…I received the scariest statement I had ever heard in my life.

It was the moment my doctors told me they had no answers as to why all this was happening. And that they’ve seen nothing like this in their 30+ years of practice.

What did this mean for me and my future? 

I knew I had to keep going and I had to keep fighting. There was no other option because I needed to be here for my family, even if that meant I had to figure things out on my own.

In this episode of Mind Your Health, follow along as I recount my kidney failure journey and the biggest lessons it taught me…

…which are the reasons why I’m so grateful today for this experience.

So whether you’ve had a diagnosed condition you’ve been fighting for a long time, like cancer or autoimmunity. OR you don’t have a diagnosis but you have mysterious symptoms that your doctors can’t seem to figure out, like gut discomfort, skin rash, fatigue, aches and pains, etc…

Keep going and keep searching for answers and options because I promise that your story can change for the better at any moment.

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