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Ep. 301: 3 Most Common Pelvic Floor Problems and How You Can Fix And Prevent Them
The pelvic floor consists of muscles and tissues that support our pelvic organs, including our bladder, bowels, and reproductive organs. However, millions of people struggle with pelvic floor problems that are not only debilitating, but can cause feelings of shame...Continue Reading
Ep. 300: 10 Ways to Boost Health If You Work Remotely
Since the pandemic, many of us have shifted our workspace to our home. Remote work is on the rise due to the increased flexibility and productivity it brings. Although there are many benefits to working remotely, there are also increased...Continue Reading
Ep. 299: The Bottom Line: What It Takes To Fix Your Gut
In the previous episode of the Mind Your Health Show, we wrapped up Dr. Connie’s 3-part story about what she learned throughout her personal health journey + education, and why she’s using this information to fill in the gaps for...Continue Reading
Ep. 298: Meet Dr. Connie Part 3: Healing Your Symptoms Requires Looking at the WHOLE Puzzle
This is the FINAL part of our 3-part series where I share my personal health journey as both a practitioner AND a patient, with the intention of providing you with some insights that could lead to "aha" moments, so that...Continue Reading
Ep. 297: Meet Dr. Connie Part 2: Your Patterns Create Your Health...and Your Sickness
We are back this week for part 2 of our 3-part series where I share with you my personal story and how Functional Yoga Medicine as a methodology came to be, in hopes that it helps you recognize YOUR role...Continue Reading
Ep. 296: Meet Dr. Connie Part 1: How Your Relationships Influence Your Health
This week we are kicking off part 1 of a 3-part podcast series where I'll be sharing my personal story and how Functional Yoga Medicine™ and the Dr. Connie Cheung brand came to be. I've also brought my Integrator, Leslie,...Continue Reading
Ep. 295: Could Diastasis Recti Be Causing Your Belly Pooch and Gut Issues?
Both women and men can experience a belly pooch or belly bulge, along with gut issues such as bloating, gas, constipation, and digestive discomfort. So what do most do? Try to get rid of it with typical weight loss tactics,...Continue Reading
Ep. 294: The Relationship Between Yoga and Nutrition for Optimal Health and Wellness
For most people who want to improve their nutrition, they often seek to gain more KNOWLEDGE. They read books, seek out experts, or search the internet for the best foods to eat or the best diet to try.But the truth...Continue Reading
Ep. 293: Could Your Weight Gain Be A Result Of Minor, Repetitive Injury?
🚨This episode is for those of you who shrug off seemingly minor aches and pains, yet continually struggle with gut issues and difficulty losing weight. Many people live with day-to-day aches and pains and ignore them for years because the...Continue Reading