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Ep. 284: When Life Throws a Wrench In Your Plans
Here we are looking forward to the new year. If you are like most, you've likely experienced challenges in the past two years since the pandemic. Dr. Connie shares what is required in the new year to finally heal from...Continue Reading
Ep. 283: Functional Yoga Medicine: What It Is And Why You Need It
There's no doubt that our conventional healthcare system today is broken. It's flooded with patients, and this inevitably leads to mistakes and mismanagement of patients by the healthcare workers. Many patients are left navigating their care on their own, especially...Continue Reading
Ep. 282: Why Your FEELINGS Matter
Your feelings aren't just figments of your imagination, and they don't just come out of nowhere. They involve complex, physical processes that deserve to be understood and addressed. Why? Because our feelings cascade many of the biochemical reactions in our...Continue Reading
Ep. 281: Redefine What HEALTHY Means For YOU!
It seems like there's always a new health solution popping up on the market. Rather than chasing all the "fad" diets, experts, supplements, or exercises, first redefine what it means to truly BE HEALTHY. Your version of healthy will likely...Continue Reading
Ep. 280: True Healing Does Not Happen In Parts And Pieces
While conventional medicine focuses mainly on our "physical" body, there are actually four essential layers of the body that make up our WHOLE being. And aligning these four layers is key to shifting the body from a state of dis-ease...Continue Reading
Ep. 279: Why Diets Perpetuate Inflammation
In the name of HEALTH, the health and wellness industry focuses on DIET and FITNESS. But how about if such things are the very things that perpetuate inflammation? The Key is to stay fluid and flexible in you finding the...Continue Reading
Ep. 278: Optimize Gut Health to Get Rid of Belly Fat
For many people, as they get older, they find that the pounds tend to pack on easier, especially around the waistline. So what do they do? Likely get on some sort of diet in an attempt to "eat better" or...Continue Reading
Ep. 277: Essential Ingredient for Optimal Health and Wellness That Most People Ignore
Optimal health and wellness is not a destination, but a lifelong journey that often requires commitment and dedication. At times, this journey can feel difficult, overwhelming, and unsuccessful. However, the rewards of optimal health are well worth the effort. There...Continue Reading
Ep. 276: Why Your Posture is Critical For Your Gut Health
In today's busy world, most people don't pay enough attention to their posture. However, improper sitting and standing positions can put a strain on many body systems, especially our gastrointestinal system and organs. So, are you aware of how important...Continue Reading