Ep. 59: Aim To Be A "Jack Of All Trades, But Expert Of None"

Ep. 59: Aim To Be A "Jack Of All Trades, But Expert Of None"

As an immigrant, all Dr. Connie ever wanted was to fit in. She bought into whatever ideology she was exposed to, "assuming" it was the only way to fit in. Fast forward over 45 years as a professional student, she now understands the importance of thinking "outside the box", and learning to apply and integrate concepts and theories into bite sized applications that you can explore to create impact in the lives that you serve. Dr. Connie struggled with deep feelings of shame when told she was a "jack of all trades, but master of none." But the more she learned, the more she was compelled to connect the dots and bring together the yin to the yang to create a "better solution" to world problems. So if you struggle with feelings of inadequacy because you are different, it's time to rise up, step into your power, and stand for what you believe.


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