Empowered Psychology - The Power of Your Thoughts & Shifting Emotions

Empowered Psychology - The Power of Your Thoughts & Shifting Emotions

In today's episode of "Mind Your Health," we delve deep into the final segment of the Functional Yoga Medicine's 4 episode EASE Methodology series. 

This episode shines a light on the crucial role of beliefs, thoughts, and emotions in influencing our health and daily activities. We emphasize the intricate link between mental and physical health, particularly focusing on how our emotional and cognitive states can significantly impact our wellbeing.

It's not just a feeling of being overwhelmed; stress can have concrete, detrimental effects on our physical health, potentially leading to various disorders. We also take a look at the positive side, exploring why nurturing positive emotions is essential for good health. 

So with all this information, how can we overcome negative thoughts? Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and overcoming limiting beliefs are both therapeutic approaches that are instrumental in altering negative thought patterns, thereby improving both mental and physical health. So let's get into all of this.

Today's episode will cover...

🌟 The impact of stress on the body.
🌟  The health benefits of positive emotions.
🌟  Practical uses of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in daily life
🌟  Strategies for overcoming limiting beliefs.

If there’s any episode in this series that you should not miss, it's this one.

Timestamps to follow along with:
0:00 - 1:25 Intro
1:26 -11:05 How our feelings affect our health
11:06 - 15:55 CBT - Our thoughts become our life
15:56 - 24:43 Mindfulness and mental health
24:44 - 33:03 Overcoming mental barriers and limiting beliefs
38:31 - 40:14 Outro
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