The Holistic Healing Path: From Doubtful to Transformed

The Holistic Healing Path: From Doubtful to Transformed

This week's Mind Your Health podcast is a special one. I interviewed my colleague and friend Aaron, who is a successful entrepreneur. He's special because it took many years for him to finally understand the "root" cause of his mysterious symptoms and go within to uncover the hidden traumas that many of us unknowingly struggle with.

When traumas and emotional events happen to us throughout our life, the effects of these events become "stuck" in our nervous system and influence the outcomes in our lives, including our health. Whether it's a breakup, divorce, the death of a loved one, job loss, financial struggles, family issues, etc., we all experience losses and hardships, which makes us all human. Yet even though the event has passed, so many of us hold onto the memory of it, which unconsciously determines our future. And this is why many people tend to "relive" the past over and over again.

This is why I consider Yoga a powerful tool to heal ourselves from the inside-out because it reflects our mind back to us, allowing us to process, metabolize, and let go of circumstances and events that don't serve our well-being. Being aware of our tendencies to stay stuck in the past or project fear onto the future keeps us in a loop of suffering and misery.

You don't want to miss this powerful episode where we uncover the depths of the human mind with authenticity and vulnerability to find our inner power. I hope you enjoy, and please leave us a comment if you resonate – we want to hear from you!


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