Functional Yoga Medicine Show

Ep. 102: Gain Powerful Results for Your Patients Through Functional Yoga Medicine
In the name of holistic health, many practitioners are busy looking for different ways to treat and heal their patients. However, there lacks a truly integrative approach that aligns and connects the ancient wisdom with the modern medicine; the yin...Continue Reading
Ep. 100: Why Theory is Dead and Application is Everything
Most practitioners get hung up on theoretical understanding of their expertise. With flimsy data points that are sometimes referred to as "evidence based medicine", we often fail to take into account the miraculous ability of our bodies to heal themselves....Continue Reading
Ep. 98: Common Sense Approach to Healing
We often think healing is complex, scientific, and evidence based. But in truth, health and healing should be common sense in order for us to implement with success. In today's episode of the Functional Yoga Medicine Show, Dr. Connie discusses...Continue Reading
Ep. 92: Are You Empowering Your Patients or Clients, or Are You Disempowering Them?
As health and wellness practitioners, we are constantly focused on the well being of our patients and clients, but there's also theoretical and evidence based knowledge that we are responsible for. With increasing evidence toward intangible variables which affect our...Continue Reading
Ep. 89: Are You Postured For Optimal Health?
Most health and wellness practitioners tend to have a microscopic view when searching for solutions for their clients, and this view tends to be limited to their area of expertise. This is a common mistake that practitioners make that prevents...Continue Reading
Ep. 86: ENCORE - How to Apply Modernized Functional Medicine in Your Health and Wellness Practice
This episode of the Functional Yoga Medicine Show is an encore of one of our most popular episodes. Getting to the root cause of disease is the motto for Functional Medicine. While there's some truth to this statement, Dr. Connie...Continue Reading
Ep. 72: The Difference Between Medical Treatments vs Healing
As a chronic autoimmune patient, Dr. Connie has had personal experience in the "medical system". While medical treatments are helpful, they also have limits. They confine medical professionals from believing in possibilities. They rely heavily on "evidence based" science. It's important to remember that...Continue Reading
Ep. 71: Why Wealth Should Be Your TOP Priority
Many health practitioners hide behind their certifications and knowledge, and don't really understand why their patients aren't getting better. In order to make impact through your work, you need much more than didactic knowledge and advanced degrees. You need business acumen...Continue Reading
Ep. 46: Health is a State of BEing
Too many people focus on setting goals based on behavior. When focusing on the “DOing”, you can only achieve marginal results. In order for them to achieve long term health and longevity, we must coach our clients to shift from...Continue Reading