Ep. 62: Getting Over Imposter Syndrome

Ep. 62: Getting Over Imposter Syndrome

In the health and wellness industry, there is an abundance of contradictory information that tends to create so much confusion. When we are confused, as practitioners, it's hard to admit just how much we don't know. Rather than going with the flow and keeping up with the status quo, it's so much more productive to be courageous enough to recognize just how confusing our industry has become. Truth is that nothing in health and wellness is black and white. Health, wellness, and longevity exists in a continuum - from sick to health, acid to alkaline, and yin to yang. It's highly individualistic and dependent on the person themselves. Remembering that healing is an inside job will provide you with much needed confidence to step into your power and mentor your patients and clients to become Self Empowered Healers.


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