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Ep. 278: Optimize Gut Health to Get Rid of Belly Fat
For many people, as they get older, they find that the pounds tend to pack on easier, especially around the waistline. So what do they do? Likely get on some sort of diet in an attempt to "eat better" or...Continue Reading
Ep. 276: Why Your Posture is Critical For Your Gut Health
In today's busy world, most people don't pay enough attention to their posture. However, improper sitting and standing positions can put a strain on many body systems, especially our gastrointestinal system and organs. So, are you aware of how important...Continue Reading
Ep. 275: The Gut Brain Connection
The gut-brain connection is essential for optimal health, however this connection involves more than our brains telling us when we're hungry. Did you know that 70-80% of the immune system is present in the gut, and up to 90% of...Continue Reading
Ep. 274: Truth About Food Sensitivities
Food sensitivities are real and deserve to be taken seriously. They're a legitimate, growing concern that many people face today, and they may even affect you. But what's more is that there's considerable evidence suggesting the link between food sensitivities...Continue Reading
Ep. 273: Truth about IBS and SIBO
Increasing number of people struggle with IBS or SIBO, and often they are undiagnosed. In this episode of Mind Your Health Show, Dr. Connie discusses the truth about IBS and SIBO and learn what practical options you have to address...Continue Reading
Ep. 272: Listen to Your Gut!
Did you know that your gut is constantly sending you messages? It's capable of feeling something even before you have a chance to "think" about it. It is highly intelligent and intuitive, but we are conditioned to ignore our gut...Continue Reading
Ep. 228: Stress + Gut Dysfunction, and How They Relate to Autoimmunity
Rather than thinking of autoimmunity as a disease, what if we viewed autoimmunity as a symptom to a deeper issue? On today's episode of the Mind Your Health Show, Dr. Connie explains how your stress affects your gut, and how...Continue Reading
Ep. 124: Lupus Q&A: Probiotics, Lupus Gut Healing Diet
In this Lupus Q&A, Dr. Connie answers questions regarding the type of probiotics you should take, the lupus gut-healing diet, low dose naltrexone, and how to control PMS.Continue Reading
Ep. 87: The Role of Probiotics
Most of us know we should be taking probiotics everyday. But why? What role do probiotics play in our gut health and overall health? Dr. Connie discusses everything there is to know about probiotics!Continue Reading