EASE Method: How To Heal Yourself When The Healthcare System Fails You

EASE Method: How To Heal Yourself When The Healthcare System Fails You

What is missing in our current healthcare system? Often, healthcare providers fail to address the root issue of what is going on, simply putting a "bandaid" on the patient's physical symptoms. For years, as a practitioner and a patient, I saw and personally suffered from this gap in healthcare, which kept me from feeling better.

For many, there is an endless cycle of being sick, feeling okay for a while, then feeling sick again. Why does this happen? Because no one is going deep enough to figure out what the problem is. We are so used to a "pill for every ill" solution or a simple diagnosis that we forget we are a whole being experiencing emotional, spiritual and physical traumas that can create “dis-ease” or imbalance inside of us.

With years of experience, piecing together academic and ancient practice, I have come up with the EASE Method. This method lays the foundation for holistic healing in every aspect of your physical and energetic being. The EASE Method is how transformational healing happens, beyond the scope of our current health care system.

In this episode, you will learn:
✨ What the EASE Method is and how it came to be
✨ How to apply the EASE Method in your everyday life
✨ Why this method is the foundation for true, integrative healing

This method pulls functional medicine and western medicine together in a way that makes sense…using the ancient practice of yoga to cultivate a true way of knowing our bodies from the inside-out.

Timestamps to follow along with:
0:00 - 0:49 Intro
0:50 - 7:30 What Is The EASE Method
7:31 -11:11 EASE In Practice
11:12 - 13:52 Outro


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