Ep. 299: The Bottom Line: What It Takes To Fix Your Gut

Ep. 299: The Bottom Line: What It Takes To Fix Your Gut

In the previous episode of the Mind Your Health Show, we wrapped up Dr. Connie’s 3-part story about what she learned throughout her personal health journey + education, and why she’s using this information to fill in the gaps for her patients so they can start to feel better, EASIER and FASTER.

If you missed any part of this series, click the links below to listen now!

Part 1: How Your Relationships Influence Your Health

Part 2: Your Patterns Create Your Health…And Your Sickness

Part 3: Healing Your Symptoms Requires Looking At The WHOLE Puzzle

In this episode, Dr. Connie summarizes exactly HOW she uses what she’s learned to help her patients, and how you too can transform the way you feel by seeing your health in a brand new light.

📢This episode is for those who are committed to transforming their health once and for all, and willing to LET GO of everything they THINK they know about their health.

In this episode, you’ll discover:
🌿 That creating the health you dream about having doesn’t have to be so hard….once you make this ONE shift in how you approach your health
🌿 The truth about why the doctors and experts can’t fix you, and why diets and supplements only provide short lived results
🌿 Why the health and wellness industry actually SLOWS you down on your healing journey
🌿 Why healing your gut is necessary for getting rid of your symptoms, and the MOST EFFECTIVE way you can start healing your gut NOW


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