Ep. 251: Are You An Autoimmune Worrier or an Autoimmune Warrior?

Ep. 251: Are You An Autoimmune Worrier or an Autoimmune Warrior?

Most autoimmune solutions focus on the dysfunction or the disease itself. They focus on fixing the diet, taking medications, and minimizing symptoms to feel better. But unless you address the foundation of why you became sick in the first place, it's proven that you'll tend to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Think about it, before autoimmunity you probably lived "worrying" about things that COULD happen before they even happened. This creates a lot of anxiety, and anxiety drives physiological inflammation, which ultimately drives autoimmunity. The best way to address autoimmunity is to become a WARRIOR who has clarity and focus on exactly what to do to get better once and for all, no matter what. In this episode, Dr. Connie discusses the stark difference between an Autoimmune Worrier vs Warrior, and why you must make the shift in order for your efforts to have significant impact in your autoimmunity.


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