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How to Overcome Challenges WhenYou Have Little Motivation
Going through challenges in life can often feel like keeping a flickering candle lit during a storm. Difficult experiences or phases of life are inevitable – they’re just part of the human experience. But often, these experiences are paired with...Continue Reading
How I Created a Fulfilling Life By Going Against My Doctor's Advice
“Stay away from the sun. Don’t eat any junk food. Don’t work full-time. Take these medications for the rest of your life. And most importantly…DON’T have kids.” These were the exact words my doctor told me when I was diagnosed...Continue Reading
When Doctors Have No Answers: My Eye-Opening Kidney Failure Story
Have you ever had something happen that completely changed life as you knew it? For me, that moment was March 2021 when I got the Covid vaccine. Within 6 months after the vaccine, my kidneys shut down and I experienced...Continue Reading
Exponential Healing: How to feel better FAST
If you were traveling to the other side of the world, would you rather take a jet or a paddleboat? Which one would get you there faster? Exponential healing will have you reaching your health goals with jet-like speed, but...Continue Reading
Hormone Imbalance Cascade: Why Your Pill is Just a “Band-Aid” Fix
Imagine you get a paper cut on your finger and you slap a band-aid on it… …is it the band-aid itself that heals the cut? Of course not – the band-aid covers the wound and might stop the bleeding temporarily,...Continue Reading
How to Easily Identify Stress in Your Life So It Doesn't Wreck Your Health
The fact that you have symptoms that interfere with your daily life, whether it’s gut discomfort like bloating, gas, constipation, OR fatigue, headaches, foggy brain, weight gain, aches and pains, etc.… …means you have some level of stress in your...Continue Reading
Food is Not the Enemy: Why Fearing Food Actually Contributes to Gut Issues
“I wish someone would just tell me what to eat!”If you’ve ever thought this to yourself, then chances are you can relate to this…Mealtimes honestly used to feel like a chore to me.I would stress out over choosing what to...Continue Reading
Why is Gut Health Essential for Optimal Health and Well-Being?
Gut Health is a trending topic these days, but are you familiar with the gut’s many functions and WHY it plays such a big role in overall health and well-being? In Functional Medicine, the gut is considered the root of...Continue Reading
How I Achieved Breakthrough Results Without Working Harder
You’re eating a healthy diet, you’re exercising regularly, and you’re doing your best to manage stress. So why aren’t you feeling better yet?!If this is you, I was in your shoes not too long ago. I always prided myself on...Continue Reading