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Impact of Unworthiness on Chronic Illness and Nervous System
The Impact of Perceived Unworthiness on Chronic Illness and the Nervous System Understanding the Concept of "Programming" Unworthiness Programming of unworthiness refers to the deep-seated belief that one is not worthy or deserving of love, success, or happiness. These beliefs...Continue Reading
Ep. 280: True Healing Does Not Happen In Parts And Pieces
While conventional medicine focuses mainly on our "physical" body, there are actually four essential layers of the body that make up our WHOLE being. And aligning these four layers is key to shifting the body from a state of dis-ease...Continue Reading
Ep. 245: ENCORE - What To Do When You're Not Feeling Well
This episode of the Mind Your Health Show is an encore of one of our most popular episodes. Holistic interventions seem promising when you are in remission and have the functional ability to perform your daily tasks without limitations. But when...Continue Reading
Ep. 156: Holistic Considerations in Treatment of Autoimmunity
There are many things we can do to holistically manage to reverse your autoimmunity. The goal is full remission and the control to stay in remission. With that being said, holistic interventions and/or functional medicine approach to autoimmune reversal involves...Continue Reading
Ep. 151: Holistic Healing for Autoimmune Conditions
Dr. Connie talks about the importance of the "big picture" approach and taking massive actions in all facets of your health vs focusing on the parts and pieces of your health. She discusses the importance of the foundational principles in...Continue Reading