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The Link Between Repetitive Injury and Weight Gain
This podcast encore episode is all about why repetitive injury can be the culprit for weight gain. Repetitive injury can often be an overlooked culprit behind weight gain. When you suffer from chronic or recurring injuries, your ability to engage...Continue Reading
Naturally Treating Your Thyroid WITHOUT Medication & Connecting Your Gut, Brain, and Hormones
Are you unknowingly putting your thyroid to sleep with synthetic hormones?  Wake up to the truth in our latest episode, where I uncover the often ignored link between your gut health, brain function, and thyroid hormones!  In today's episode, let's...Continue Reading
Ep. 308: Hidden Ingredients That Could Harm Your Gut Health
In today's world, people are much more in tune with health and wellness, and as a result there's a surge in the amount of health food stores and healthier alternatives for commonly consumed foods and ingredients. But it's important to...Continue Reading
Ep. 305: The Missing First Step That Keeps You From Healing Your Gut
This episode is an encore of Part 1 of my recent Heal Your Gut Training. In this training I shared some eye-opening information on gut health and what's required to heal your gut and effectively get rid of your unwanted...Continue Reading
Ep. 275: The Gut Brain Connection
The gut-brain connection is essential for optimal health, however this connection involves more than our brains telling us when we're hungry. Did you know that 70-80% of the immune system is present in the gut, and up to 90% of...Continue Reading