Your Childhood Trauma Can Affect Your Health

Your Childhood Trauma Can Affect Your Health

We have aspects of ourselves that we are "aware" (conscious) of, and we also have aspects of ourselves that we are "unaware" (subconscious) of. But did you know that the subconscious parts of you actually dictate your self image and how you see yourself? And how we see ourselves dictates our abilities and what we are capable of.

This is significant because while most of us think we are aware and in control over what we say and do, a more substantial part of us may be sabotaging our very efforts, especially when it comes to our health, and this can negatively affect the results we're trying to create for ourselves. And this all happens without us even being aware of it! 🤯

So what creates this subconscious "script" which dictates our beliefs and behaviors? Often, it forms in childhood as a result of various emotional experiences we had, positive or negative. These experiences become the "baseline" by which we live the rest of our lives.

In this episode of the Mind Your Health Podcast, Dr. Connie shares her childhood conditioning and trauma that was revealed to her later in life, and how the subconscious beliefs she formed early on led her to create an identity that silently told her she was not good enough, which led her to abuse her body and mind through overexercise and over dieting, just to feel good enough about herself.

In this episode, you'll discover...

✅ The effect of your parents' or caregivers' beliefs and values on how you live your life today

✅ Subtle forms of trauma that we tend to overlook, yet have a tremendous effect on our mental and physical health

✅ Tools you can use to help you look within and become aware of generational patterns and beliefs that are keeping you from achieving the health and life you want to have

If you struggle with feeling good about yourself, or just can't seem to achieve the health results you want despite everything you try, this may drastically change your perspective. It's a must-listen!



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