Your Symptom Root Cause Might Be Something You Can't See, Measure, or Test

Your Symptom Root Cause Might Be Something You Can't See, Measure, or Test

If you've ever been confused about your symptoms and you know there's something that's not quite right with you, yet your doctors just shrug their shoulders because your labs come back "normal", then this episode is for you.

I have a unique perspective when it comes to the medical system because I've not only studied various health disciplines, including Psychology, Nutrition, and Physical Therapy, but I've been a patient with complicated health issues that cause doctors to scratch their heads. And when my labs and data don't match up with what they've studied or experienced in their practice, they're unable to provide me with any solutions...which doesn't help me as the patient and I'm left to figure things out on my own.

I started to recognize that emotional events that caused distress and unease in my life, like an unhealthy marriage and difficulties with a family member, were directly correlated to flare ups in my health.

And while the doctors can provide me with lots of knowledge and data about my labs and symptoms, they don't see me as a WHOLE person, failing to consider my home life, relationships, stressors, patterns, triggers...all of which influence my lab results and data.

This is when I realized that health is something only I can create for myself, rather than relying on "experts" to figure it out for me. So if you've gone from practitioner to practitioner and continue to leave with very little answers and solutions for your health concerns, it's time for you to take a different approach.

In this episode, you'll discover:

 ➡️ My personal experience with both conventional and holistic medicine, and the insights I gained from the practitioner perspective and the patient perspective.

➡️ The difference between YOUR role and your doctor's role in your healthcare, and how to identify a good practitioner that's invested in your well-being.

➡️ 3 questions I ask all my patients to uncover the true root cause of their issues.

➡️ How to uncover unease in your life that might be contributing to your symptoms, and practical tools to help you cultivate self-awareness so that YOU become your best health expert.

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