Functional Yoga Medicine Show

Ep. 104: Alignment Principles for Injury Prevention
While Yoga is a healing practice for many, there is a potential for repetitive injury if muscle activation and proper alignment of joints is not kept in mind. We want you to begin to mindfully engage with your muscles to...Continue Reading
Ep. 39: Are You Living a Life That’s in Alignment With Who You Are?
In order to be truly aligned with who you are, you must fully know the core of who you are - your values, mission, and vision in life should be something you spend time thinking about and gain clarity over...Continue Reading
Ep. 31: Redefining Your Posture and Alignment
Most people lack mind-body awareness. As a result, faulty body mechanics can cause unnecessary strain and sprain to both mind and body that may lead to injury. Learn how to optimize your mind-body mechanics. . Be sure to subscribe to...Continue Reading
Ep. 29: Living in Alignment with Your Core Values
Be sure to subscribe to our podcast and Youtube channel so that you stay in the loop with the Functional Yoga Medicine Show!Click here to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes: here to subscribe to our podcast on Spotify: here...Continue Reading
Ep. 02: The Importance of focusing on anatomy and alignment as the foundation for a safe Yoga practice
Being a “Yogi” can often means to fit into a certain “practice”, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Bikram, etc. We can gain so much more if we can shift our focus to ourselves, our structures, our restrictions, and begin to cultivate an awareness...Continue Reading