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Ep. 122: Why Inflammation is the Root Cause of Disease and What To Do About It
Chronic inflammation can lead to numerous diseases, including Lupus and other autoimmune conditions. Discover how inflammation develops in your body and what you can do to reduce it, ultimately reducing your symptoms and reversing your disease. Please click here to...Continue Reading
Ep. 89: The Line Between Health and Disease
There is a major flaw in the Conventional Medical System today, in which a pill is prescribed for every symptoms instead of looking to what the root cause of those symptoms may be.  Continue Reading
Ep. 64: Rethinking Disease: Our Functional Medicine Approach
Our genes are the deck of cards we are dealt with when we are born. But it is our lifestyle and environment that determine whether those genes will develop health or disease. Dr. Connie discusses a new way to think...Continue Reading