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Ep. 302: TOOLS For Your Health Are Only As Effective As The PERSON Using Them
What are tools for your health? Diets, supplements, treatments, programs, and even medications, doctors, and other experts are all just TOOLS we can utilize to help us feel better. But the effectiveness and outcome of these tools is dependent on...Continue Reading
Ep. 182: Supplements to Consider to Boost Your Immune System Against COVID
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Ep. 92: And It May Cause Death! The Truth About Medications
Many Lupus and other autoimmune or chronic disease patients rely solely on medications for their health. While medications can reduce the symptoms you may be experiencing, there are many unintended side effects that can occur. Fortunately there are herbals and...Continue Reading
Ep. 72: The Antibiotic Resistance Epidemic
Conventional medical doctors today are overprescribing medications. 50-75% of medications are unnecessary and inappropriate. Discover the implications these medications can have on your health and various alternatives you can take to treat an infection.Continue Reading
Ep. 43: Lupus Q&A: Tight Muscles, Lupus Flare, Medications, and Fatigue
This week, Dr. Connie answers lots of questions focusing on tight muscles, flares in different parts of the body, various Lupus medications, and how to fight fatigue. Please comment any questions on our FREE Facebook group, the Self Empowered Healers:  and...Continue Reading
Ep. 22: Lupus Q&A: Supplements, Cutting Back on Meds, CBD Oil, and Sciatic Pain
This week’s Lupus Q&A was an interesting one! Lots of great questions regarding supplements, cutting back on medications with the guidance of your doctor, the effects of CBD oil on the body, and causes of sciatic pain and how to...Continue Reading
Ep. 15: The Truth About Medications
Have you ever wondered why some Lupus or other chronic disease patients do better than others? Or have you noticed that while some people may be sensitive to certain foods, others can eat anything and still have great energy and...Continue Reading