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Mastering Stress, Anxiety & Hormones: A Deep Dive into the Autonomic Nervous System
In today's episode of Mind Your Health Podcast, we continue our journey exploring the EASE Method and go into the realm of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) - crucial to our body's unconscious functions. Tune in today and discover the...Continue Reading
Stress Eating - How Your Hormones, Weight Gain and Mood Are Connected
In the latest episode of Mind Your Health, I dive into the sensitive topic of stress eating, a behavior many of us might be all too familiar with. Have you ever stopped to wonder what triggers this? Or the toll...Continue Reading
How Stress Affects Your Confidence and How To Boost Your Self-Esteem
Stress has profound impacts on our self-confidence. But why does this occur? At the heart of this lies our "monkey brain" – a primal part of our cognitive function that's wired for survival and riddled with anxiety. When under stress,...Continue Reading
How To Use Your Breath To Reduce Stress
In today's episode of The Mind Your Health Podcast, I am getting into a topic that affects us every second of every day: breathing. We breathe in; we breathe out. But... have you ever stopped to consider the physiological effects...Continue Reading
Stress Unveiled: Decoding the Relationship Between Cortisol, Hormone Dysfunction, and Unwanted Symptoms
Most of my patients come to me with mysterious symptoms that their doctors just can't seem to figure out. Despite their normal lab results, many of them struggle with chronic fatigue, aches and pains, digestive discomfort issues, weight gain, and...Continue Reading
Ep. 228: Stress + Gut Dysfunction, and How They Relate to Autoimmunity
Rather than thinking of autoimmunity as a disease, what if we viewed autoimmunity as a symptom to a deeper issue? On today's episode of the Mind Your Health Show, Dr. Connie explains how your stress affects your gut, and how...Continue Reading