Ep. 289: Debunking Restrictive Diets for Gut Health

Ep. 289: Debunking Restrictive Diets for Gut Health

Most people think that changing their diet is the best place to start when making changes for their health. Despite all my education and knowledge in the fields of Nutrition and Functional Medicine, almost all of it was irrelevant last year when I got really sick. None of the dietary practices I had previously lived by helped me, and this made me realize that we have to go deeper if we want to create long lasting changes in our health. So in this episode I discuss why restrictive diets for gut health don't work when it comes to addressing our pesky symptoms. So if you've made health goals for yourself this year, you'll want to listen to this episode before you jump into a diet or any other regimented program.

In this episode, I'll break down:
✔️The truth about detoxification and the impact that detox has on our symptoms
✔️What most doctors and experts DON'T tell you about the cause of allergies and food intolerances
✔️The single most critical factor you need to address if you want to improve digestion and gut health (and it's not the foods you eat...)
✔️The difference between food for the mind vs food for the body, and which is more important when it comes to making health changes
✔️How to transform your health in 2023 without forcing yourself to follow a restrictive diet or exercise plan

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