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Ep. 291: Effective Detox Strategies for a Healthy Gut
Most people believe DETOX means getting on a restrictive diet, taking some supplements, or drinking a special juice or tea in order to cleanse the body. But true, effective detox actually involves much more than this.Our bodies have natural detox...Continue Reading
Ep. 289: Debunking Restrictive Diets for Gut Health
Most people think that changing their diet is the best place to start when making changes for their health. Despite all my education and knowledge in the fields of Nutrition and Functional Medicine, almost all of it was irrelevant last...Continue Reading
Ep. 285: Boost Energy With These Simple Chair Exercises
There are many times when fatigue can limit your ability to function day to day. Even though it’s counterintuitive, gently moving your body to improve circulation and muscular and joint movements will help your body boost energy by improving your...Continue Reading
Ep. 277: Essential Ingredient for Optimal Health and Wellness That Most People Ignore
Optimal health and wellness is not a destination, but a lifelong journey that often requires commitment and dedication. At times, this journey can feel difficult, overwhelming, and unsuccessful. However, the rewards of optimal health are well worth the effort. There...Continue Reading
Ep. 269: Why Self Awareness is Essential for Health
This episode of the Mind Your Health Show is an encore session of Day 3 of our recent 7-Day Autoimmune Detox Challenge. When sick, we are left looking for help from people and things OUTSIDE of ourselves. But it is...Continue Reading
Ep. 250: Why Investing In Your Health Is the Smartest Thing You Can Do
Health is something we take for granted until it is taken away. When we don't have health, we have nothing. Most of us live our lives without paying attention to what truly matters. Only through a serious health crisis do...Continue Reading
Ep. 246: Redefining HEALTHY Eating for Autoimmunity
If you are like most living with autoimmunity, you might be confused when it comes to which diet is best for you. But what if the answer is not so much about the diet, and that the goal isn't to...Continue Reading
Ep. 240: ENCORE - Shifting from Sickness to Health Requires Revealing Your Values
This episode of the Mind Your Health Show is an encore of one of our most popular episodes. The results in your life and health are a direct reflection of the values you hold. And the values you hold in...Continue Reading
Ep. 232: Health and Thanksgiving
Gratitude is a necessary ingredient for true healing. What better time than Thanksgiving to focus on the things that you are grateful for? We want to take the time to thank you all as we are so thankful for each...Continue Reading