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How Your Mindset Determines Your Health Experience: The Power of Positivity
The connection between mindset and health is well-documented, with numerous studies showing that a positive outlook can significantly influence health outcomes. Whether facing a minor ailment or a severe diagnosis, maintaining a positive mindset can enhance the prognosis and overall...Continue Reading
Ep. 253: Self Love is the Antidote to Self Loathing
Most autoimmune patients struggle with lack of self worth and constantly live in self loathing. The problem is that they don't even realize that's what they're doing. It's almost a subconscious behavior that perpetuates autoimmunity. In order for true healing...Continue Reading
Ep. 209: Doctors Don't Heal You, Only You Can Heal Yourself
There's an inherent assumption we make to believe that the doctors always know best. It's a cultural and societal indoctrination that we all buy into. But truth be told that doctors don't heal you. Healing is an inside job that...Continue Reading
Ep. 208: Understanding Why You Have Autoimmunity Is the First Step in Shifting Towards Self Empowered Healer
The identity that you hold for yourself based on your past largely dictates your reactiveness to your autoimmunity. Contrary to popular belief, it's not about all the "things" you DO, but your inner identity that dictates and perpetuates your autoimmune...Continue Reading